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This will come in handy when you're looking at your code down the road and see that function called. Create one Launch new projects in seconds in MODX Cloud Try it Free for 21 Days Don't Be That Guy Be nice, respectful and patient. A much better solution is for the developer to put the function inside a class. In Revelation 19:16, of which kings is Jesus king? Check This Out

In other words, PHP infers what the programmer intends to do, and for the most part it works out great. If this policy changes, I'll let you know. What crime would be illegal to uncover in medieval Europe? Can an object *immediately* start moving at a high velocity? check this link right here now

Php Fatal Error Cannot Redeclare Function Previously Declared

Fatal error: cannot redeclare function? A guy scammed me, but he gave me a bank account number & routing number. There are other worms in this little can, so the obvious and logical thing to do is to flat-out not accept redefinitions. For example, function checkdate($date){ $now=strtotime(date('Y-m-d H:i:s')); $tenYearsAgo=strtotime("-10 years", $now); $dateToCheck=strtotime($date); return ($tenYearsAgo > $dateToCheck) ?

You'll also get email updates when new content is available on the site or existing content is updated. Why Should I? Note: This is probably not the same problem as above BUT it's very similar to some of the answers in PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class share|improve this answer answered May Php Allow Redeclare Function Bob Ray: Apr 02, 2016 at 03:42 PM I don't have any significant disagreements with you, but finer points like the difference between declaring and defining, the consequences of PHP's weak

It is greatly appreciated. Cannot Redeclare Function Wordpress asked 5 years ago viewed 12327 times active 3 years ago Upcoming Events 2016 Community Moderator Election ends Nov 22 Linked 0 Cannot redeclare a function previously declared Related 10PHP Fatal I'm not sure I would have thought of doing this. :) 1 year, 1 month ago Good tip. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5333907/php-fatal-error-cannot-redeclare-function Fixed above. :) 1 year, 1 month ago Using isset() is definitely much faster, but if you need to "or" things, the switch is much easier, imo. 1 year, 1 month

false : true; } echo checkdate('2016-05-12'); where the checkdate function already exists in PHP. How To Redeclare Function In Php Is there a word for being sad about knowing that the things that make you happy will eventually go away How to prove that authentication system works, and that customer uses Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up Cannot redeclare function php up vote 16 down vote favorite 2 I have a function called parseDate, but when i call it all rights reserved.

Cannot Redeclare Function Wordpress

As an added incentive to subscribe, I have a bunch of new and updated MODX extras I plan to release as soon as I have a significant number of subscribers to This might help somebody. Php Fatal Error Cannot Redeclare Function Previously Declared The code of the function is not executed, but rather saved for later use. Cannot Redeclare Php Error Why "silver-tongued" for someone who is convincing?

I see you've written a new article, and well-written it is. his comment is here Username Password Latest Posts Limit Users Shown in Grid - Nov 09, 2016 Multiple Search and Replace Operations - Nov 02, 2016 Search and Replace with a Utility Snippet - In the MODX core, most methods are declared as public, even if they're only intended to be called from within a class. Computers don't have understanding, it's up to us (programmers) to determine what is garbage in each context, and to then throw it away. Cannot Redeclare Wordpress

Can Trump undo the UN climate change agreement? What does "there lived here then" mean? Once you've instantiated the MyMathFunctions object, any of its methods can be called in the same way. http://rss4medics.com/cannot-redeclare/php-cannot-redeclare-function-error.php However use Patchwork with caution and only if absolutely necessary, because Patchwork is intended to be used for testing purpose, not on production.

Typically, our the code in the example just above would look like this: include 'mymathfunctions.class.php'; $math = new MyMathFunctions(); echo $math->addIntegers(2,3); /* Displays 5 */ Our MyMathFunctions class code would be Php Cannot Redeclare Class Not the answer you're looking for? class_exists() interface_exists() Eric Rosebrock Feb 20, 2010 3:49:28 PM Michal - Good call!

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Browse other questions tagged php apache or ask your own question. share|improve this answer answered Dec 23 '09 at 16:37 Pascal MARTIN 273k43506566 but neither line 5 nor line 13 declare any function... –fishman Dec 23 '09 at 16:38 2 Can you try using require_once in all those instances instead? Fatal Error Cannot Redeclare Function Previously Declared In Browse other questions tagged functions or ask your own question.

share|improve this answer answered Mar 17 '11 at 1:40 EboMike 53.5k14113133 add a comment| up vote 3 down vote I had a similar problem where a function entirely contained within a If the two functions are different, this could be disastrous. This question has been answered by sottwell. navigate here If someone else has an addIntegers() method.

Is the Čech cohomology of an orbifold isomorphic to its singular cohomology? asked 5 years ago viewed 24797 times active 3 years ago Upcoming Events 2016 Community Moderator Election ends Nov 22 Linked 123 PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class 1 Sort Function The function is: function parseDate($date){ $items = explode('.', $date); switch($items[1]){ case 1: $mese = 'Gen'; break; case 2: $mese = 'Feb'; break; case 3: $mese = 'Mar'; break; case 4: $mese Graph with a separation vertex edge How much time would it take for a planet scale Miller-Urey experiment to generate intelligent life GO OUT AND VOTE As a monk, can I

no, you actually don't. Keep in mind that some functions usable for conditionals return FALSE for failure, but can also return 0 as a success value (strpos is one example). If someone manages to access the class file, it will execute, but it won't actually *do* anything. for example, there is already declared: function smth(){ echo 'aaa'; } and i want that it displayed not aaa, but bbb function smth(){ echo 'bbb'; } but when i insert the

This will be esp. Membership Login register | forgot password? In fact, in that particular case - wrapping your own function in an if() will make matters worse,… 9 months ago Thanks. In fact, in that particular case - wrapping your own function in an if() will make matters worse,… 9 months ago Thanks.

Found a Bug? We've changed the name of the function here from add() to addIntegers(). if you'd like to delve deeper into class construction – understanding the subtleties of this will come in handy when dealing with extending abstract classes and building interfaces. "We've changed It might go unnoticed for a while and would be a nightmare to correct.

Methods can also be declared as private or protected. These variables are remembered between function calls, so even though a function's definition may be identical, its resultant… 9 months ago Wrapping a function inside its if-not-exists won't work on other But that's just me being a smarty-pants, pls forgib. ;) MellFotoStudio: Feb 08, 2016 at 07:36 AM As a side-note -- a thought to consider for why PHP raises an error I reduced the problem to class B { function __construct() { function A() { } } } $b1 = new B(); $b2 = new B(); The Fatal error: Cannot redeclare A()