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Polyglot Anagrams Robbers' Thread C# TBB updating metadata value Why did Borden do that to his wife in The Prestige? If so this seems to be a legit solution - setUpBeforeClass is the missing piece. Site policy | Contact Help JIRA Core help Keyboard Shortcuts About JIRA JIRA Credits Log In Personal Calendar for Gantt-Charts Download JIRA Client Export Tools MoodleMDL-47941phpunit reports error - Cannot redeclare Why were pre-election polls and forecast models so wrong about Donald Trump? Check This Out

ParaTest\Parser\Parser->__construct() /home/tarjei/htdocs/frisvold/fistup/vendor/brianium/paratest/src/ParaTest/Runners/PHPUnit/SuiteLoader.php:82 PHP 13. ParaTest\Runners\PHPUnit\SuiteLoader->load() /home/tarjei/htdocs/frisvold/fistup/vendor/brianium/paratest/src/ParaTest/Runners/PHPUnit/Runner.php:64 PHP 11. PHPUnit_TextUI_Command::main() /usr/local/zend/bin/phpunit:54 PHP 3. The tests run fine when processIsolation="true" The tests also work when using require_once instead of require. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2816173/cannot-redeclare-class-error-when-generating-phpunit-code-coverage-report

Phpunit Cannot Redeclare Function

PHPUnit_TextUI_Command->run() /home/travis/build/nitro2010/moodle-phpunit-dev/vendor/phpunit/phpunit/PHPUnit/TextUI/Command.php:129 0.0060 659912 4. Not the answer you're looking for? Not sure what you mean with the question.

Terms Privacy Security Status Help You can't perform that action at this time. Terms Privacy Security Status Help You can't perform that action at this time. How to reply? PHP's manual says (http://php.net/manual/en/function.include-once.php) that names resolution in PHP4 are case-insensitive on case-insensitive systems, while PHP5 handles such problems.

There was 1 error: ExampleTest::testBasicExample ErrorException: Cannot redeclare class JWTAuth ..\bootstrap\app.php:29 ..\tests\TestCase.php:12 ..\vendor\laravel\lumen-framework\src\Testing\ApplicationTrait.php:35 ..\vendor\laravel\lumen-framework\src\Testing\TestCase.php:43 GrahamCampbell closed this Nov 3, 2015 The Laravel PHP Framework member GrahamCampbell commented Nov 3, 2015 JWTAuth Phpunit Process Isolation Causes PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class PHPUnit Test Suite - Cannot redeclare class Mocking & Concrete classes "Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class" ... Boss sends a birthday message. browse this site PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class Fpg\BackgroundBundle\Tests\JobServerControlTest in /home/tarjei/htdocs/frisvold/fistup/src/Fpg/BackgroundBundle/Tests/JobServerHandlerTest.php on line 70 PHP Stack trace: PHP 1. {main}() /home/tarjei/htdocs/frisvold/fistup/vendor/brianium/paratest/bin/paratest:0 PHP 2.

It doesn't matter that all these classes are empty, they are all perfectly legitimate and it demonstrates the problem well. Not the answer you're looking for? PHPUnit_Util_Configuration->getTestSuiteConfiguration() /home/travis/build/nitro2010/moodle-phpunit-dev/vendor/phpunit/phpunit/PHPUnit/TextUI/Command.php:657 PHP 6. To my way of thinking PHPUnit is doing the wrong thing here by picking up dependencies that it shouldn't for a particular test.

Phpunit Process Isolation

PHPUnit_Util_Fileloader::load() /home/travis/build/nitro2010/moodle-phpunit-dev/vendor/phpunit/phpunit/PHPUnit/Util/Fileloader.php:76 Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class question_engine_data_mapper_testcase in /home/travis/build/nitro2010/moodle-phpunit-dev/question/engine/tests/question_engine_data_mapper_test.php on line 314 Call Stack: 0.0002 239224 1. {main} () /home/travis/build/nitro2010/moodle-phpunit-dev/vendor/phpunit/phpunit/composer/bin/phpunit:0 0.0060 651520 2. https://laracasts.com/discuss/channels/testing/phpunit-cannot-redeclare-class-error Op seems to have solved his problem somewhat but one could write up a general 'how to get rid of that error' answer or something. Phpunit Cannot Redeclare Function Possible repercussions from assault between coworkers outside the office Non-Repetitive Quine Straight line equation How to prove that authentication system works, and that customer uses the wrong password? Php Cannot Redeclare Class PHPUnit is configured to run all tests that it finds under my test directory and was running as normal.

So buy Jeffrey lunch once a month, see for yourself, and massively level up your skills in the process. http://rss4medics.com/cannot-redeclare/php-autoloader-cannot-redeclare-class.php This is convenient because you can get info on what cases pass and what don't independently. Yes, all of them. How to decline a postdoc interview if there is some possible future collaboration?

PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class PHPUnit_Util_Filesystem in /usr/share/php/PHPUnit/Util/Filesystem.php on line 59 1 PHP Fatal error:Cannot redeclare class PHPUnit_Util_Filesystem in /usr/share/php/PHPUnit/Util/Filesystem.php on line 59 This appears to be a common problem PHP_CodeCoverage->getReport() /usr/share/php/PHP/CodeCoverage/Report/Clover.php:85 PHP 7. Am I missing something here, or class BsNumber is not defined in __DIR__ . "/BsNumber.php" but in different file? –awons May 24 '15 at 14:03 No. this contact form Drawing a torso with a head (using \draw) Why were pre-election polls and forecast models so wrong about Donald Trump?

PHPUnit_Util_Configuration->getTestSuiteConfiguration() /usr/share/php/PHPUnit/TextUI/Command.php:671 PHP 6. Running PHPUnit worked MichaelsonsiMac:clickinto zetecvan$ php artisan make:test UserTest Test created successfully. What's the pun about?


phpunit owner sebastianbergmann commented Aug 27, 2011 Not going to debug this, sorry, as the code for the upcoming PHP_CodeCoverage 1.1 release (that is used by PHPUnit 3.6) has completely different ParaTest\Runners\PHPUnit\SuiteLoader->initSuites() /home/tarjei/htdocs/frisvold/fistup/vendor/brianium/paratest/src/ParaTest/Runners/PHPUnit/SuiteLoader.php:43 PHP 12. Although the test files are perfectly valid in isolation, PHPUnit wont run the tests under a testsuite because it has tried to load all the classes it needs for the whole ParaTest\Runners\PHPUnit\SuiteLoader->load() /home/tarjei/htdocs/frisvold/fistup/vendor/brianium/paratest/src/ParaTest/Runners/PHPUnit/Runner.php:64 PHP 11.

This hack isn't guaranteed. The only difference between them is they require_once a different class file which has a definition of the Foo class. Would we find alien music meaningful? http://rss4medics.com/cannot-redeclare/php-apc-error-cannot-redeclare-class.php Browse other questions tagged php zend-framework code-coverage phpunit or ask your own question.

Show Frédéric Massart added a comment - 19/Nov/14 11:45 AM I experienced that too, no idea why that extra file was still there... So my question is which (if any) and why: do I have to explicitly the processIsolation attribute to true (since default is false), use require_once (don't feel like the best solution) Already have an account? Not the answer you're looking for?

You signed out in another tab or window. fooMapper.php renamed to FooMapper.php (eg. It places them all in a massive array and loops through including them. If ever there was a field that required nonstop learning, programming is certainly it.

laracasts Lots of your peers think Laracasts is one of the best things ever. River Crossing Puzzle magento 2: How to use the order by and limit clause in sql query US Election results 2016: What went wrong with prediction models? We recommend upgrading to the latest Safari, Google Chrome, or Firefox. I also said that I can run each test file from the command line successfully by manually specifying which test to run, so that says something as well. –chrism May 15

Causes PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class Related 18Cannot redeclare class error when generating PHPUnit code coverage report3How do I prevent redeclaration errors when using Mock classes that implement the IteratorAggregate PHPUnit isn't in my path, so I've been running ./vendor/bin/phpunit. Boss sends a birthday message. asked 1 year ago viewed 829 times active 1 year ago Upcoming Events 2016 Community Moderator Election ends Nov 22 Get the weekly newsletter!

sebastianbergmann closed this Aug 27, 2011 tonyhb commented Aug 28, 2011 Hey, no problem mate, have fixed it by changing the directory name. more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed Lab colleague uses cracked software.