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Python Os Listdir The System Cannot Find The Path Specified


unutbuOctober 14th, 2009, 05:43 PMGreat! python-forum.org Python Forum for developers Skip to content Advanced search Board index Change font size FAQ Login Information The requested topic does not exist. Since I don't understand what this path is supposed to do, I added some code to cause the script to ignore such paths. This should list them all: (*) #!/usr/bin/env python import sys import os files=[] for directory in sys.path: files.extend([filename.replace('.py','') for filename in os.listdir(directory) if filename.endswith('.py')]) print files (*) Edit: Hm. http://rss4medics.com/the-system/php-the-system-cannot-find-the-path-specified.php

So my "except os.error" worked to catch the exception ... if os.path.exists('/client_side/'): do something else: do something Suppose your current working directory is c:\foobar, os.listdir('/client_side/') is equivalent to os.listdir('c:/client_side'), while os.listdir('client_side/') is equivalent to os.listdir('c:/foobar/client_side'). Browse other questions tagged python file directory listdir or ask your own question. It will run an error so I need to either find a way to get it to be ignored.

Windowserror Error 3 The System Cannot Find The Path Specified Python

Python 2.7.3, Windows XP 32bit. Archive folder is insdie one of the drive (C: / D: / Home). If you want to open a feature request asking that error codes be made uniform across all platforms, you can do so, but I'll tell you it's unlikely to happen -- Post your question and get tips & solutions from a community of 418,791 IT Pros & Developers.

Errors still pop up –David Yi Sep 5 '15 at 19:00 | show 1 more comment Your Answer draft saved draft discarded Sign up or log in Sign up using msg146389 - (view) Author: Santoso Wijaya (santoso.wijaya) * Date: 2011-10-25 18:34 Addressing patch comments. Why are wavelengths shorter than visible light neglected by new telescopes? Filenotfounderror: [winerror 3] The System Cannot Find The Path Specified: The /*.* part is quite normal, when Windows couldn't find the path, it occurs.

I would have expected an os.error exception to have been thrown together with an code of errno.ENOENT. Running your script in windows xp I have the following result: Traceback (most recent call last): File "D:\BEPPE\cherrytree\modules_list.py", line 27, in set(reduce(operator.add,[find_modules(directory) for directory in sys.path]))) File "D:\BEPPE\cherrytree\modules_list.py", line 8, Would we find alien music meaningful? Error is because of os.listdir().

Their usage in the unicode conditional branch and the bytes conditional branch seem to have been reversed. Python Os.listdir Example Hence the inconsistency and the problem Manuel saw. I updated my post and gave a full explanation. –nymk Mar 17 '13 at 8:59 @Sakura You should really change the accepted answer –Antonio Jun 14 at 20:34 add Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up Error while using listdir in Python up vote 5 down vote favorite I'm trying to get the list of files in a

Os.listdir Windows Error

Not the answer you're looking for? https://bytes.com/topic/python/answers/687782-os-listdir-path-error Administration User List Committer List Help Tracker Documentation Tracker Development Report Tracker Problem Issue738617 classification Title: On Windows, os.listdir() throws incorrect exception Type: Stage: Components: Windows Versions: process Status: closed Resolution: Windowserror Error 3 The System Cannot Find The Path Specified Python Not the answer you're looking for? Python Os.listdir Not Working open() is different because standard C defines what open() does, so it can be done the same way across platfroms.

Performance difference in between Windows and Linux using intel compiler: looking at the assembly Drawing a torso with a head (using \draw) How to interpret a specified font weight? check my blog englaOctober 14th, 2009, 09:22 PMPython has lots of awesome tools for modules and whatnot hidden away in the standard library. msg146398 - (view) Author: STINNER Victor (haypo) * Date: 2011-10-25 20:19 - if (ch != SEP && ch != ALTSEP && ch != ':') + if (ch != '\\' && ch You should join complete path including drive (C: or D:) like "c:/archive/foo: or on linux "home/root/archive/foo" Read - Python os.path.join on Windows os.path.join Usage - On Windows, the drive letter is Python Listdir Windows

Which word should I use for "to drive (a car)"? So, instead of special casing root directories such as C:\ , Python just appends *.*. –eryksun Mar 17 '13 at 4:04 add a comment| up vote 0 down vote accepted I Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up Python :[Error 3] The system cannot find the path specified: up vote 2 down vote favorite import os Current_Directory = os.getcwd() # this content Help understanding these cake puns from a CNN Student News video 301RedirectModule isn't working for URL with dot file name Graph visualization: Leave gap between vertex and endpoint of edge more

Polyglot Anagrams Robbers' Thread When does TNG take place in relation to DS9? Windowserror: [error 2] The System Cannot Find The File Specified I forgot about the directories part. Non-Repetitive Quine Mimsy were the Borogoves - why is "mimsy" an adjective?

os.listdir() is not getting correct path.

How do I avoid referring to all state variables when updating only a few? os.listdir enhancement LC_ALL and os.listdir() os.listdir("\\\\delta\\public") os.listdir() bug in WinXp. Edit: You are passing list corpus_path to [os.path.join][2] in line 6. List Files In Directory Python I discovered pkgutil -- that generalizes package listing and module loading for Python.

I tried this script: import pkgutil loader = pkgutil.get_loader("pickle") attributes = {} try: eval(loader.get_code(), attributes) except Exception, exc: pass but I always catch the exception About pkgutil.iter_modules() I can't understand how python file directory listdir share|improve this question asked Mar 16 '13 at 17:05 Sakura 3471921 1 Just wondering if this has something to do with the '/' in windows ! Right ? –Gaurav Vichare Sep 4 '15 at 4:42 Yes you are correct in what you are saying. have a peek at these guys For example: >>> os.listdir('Some directory does not exist') Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 1, in WindowsError: [Error 3] : 'Some directory does not exist/*.*' If you